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Strength of colour
Mario Arlati: Antique-Contemporary
Milan, Piazza S. Alessandro 4 – at Banca Generali’s offices
June 12 – September 12 2014

“From June 12 to September 12 2014 Banca Generali’s Milan office in Piazza S. Alessandro No. 4 hosts “Potenza del colore” or “Strength of colour”, a voyage through the chromatic universe of Mario Arlati in an artistic dialogue with the great masters of the past. Curated by Elisabetta Longari, the exhibition comprises 27 works made by the Milanese artist between the mid-1970s and today, alongside historical paintings by Alessandro Magnasco, Carlo Cignani, Giambattista Crosato and others. The classic-contemporary link, interconnected by a logical series of punctual and eloquent references, represents an innovative proposition of great significance; an experimental example of an artistic path centred on colour, aimed primarily at the first impact of perception.” (from Banca Generali website)

Created and developed by Banca Generali in collaboration with Mario Arlati, Contini Art Gallery and Giorgio Baratti Antiques, the exhibition hosted 27 ancient paintings from Baratti’s Galleries, among which Portrait of Pope Leo X by Jacopino del Conte, Landscape with Waterfall by Marco Ricci, Joseph and Putifarre’s Wife by Carlo Cignani, Flower Pot by Francesco Mantovano, Still Life by Onofrio Loth, Cupids Playing by Giambattista Crosato, Still Life by Master S.B. and The Gipsy by Abraham Janssens.

The exhibition “Strength of Colour” has been accurately described and illustrated in a precious catalogue published by Peruzzo Editore.

Video about the exhibition published on YouTube ContiniArtUk Channel.
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“Strength of Colour”

From the catalogue Mario Arlati – Potenza del colore (Peruzzo Industrie Grafiche, 2014):

“We are pleased to open the doors of our Private Banking offices in Piazza S. Alessandro to host an innovative exhibition: a dialog between ancient and contemporary which, paying homage to color and comparing great works from ancient times, stands out for its dynamism and emotional charge.
The chromatic imagination of Mario Arlati which expands from the canvas to immense skyscrapers, combining physicality and matter, evokes great energy and force and has deeply impressed us for the physicality and positivity that it exudes. The confrontation with 17th and 18th century Maestri like Carlo Cignani, Giambattista Crosato or Marco Ricci is inferred from the dialog on the “power of color”, in an experimental path that turns to the immediacy of perception and that is designed to be, first of all, pure joy for the eyes.
Being aware of the role and uniqueness of institutions, and with the humility of those dealing with new projects to offer new perspectives in relation to cultural production, we have chosen the Private Banking offices of Banca Generali in Piazza S. Alessandro, Milan, going beyond the classic schemes of memory and celebration of art, in line with the innovative quality of these combinations and with the desire to offer an original itinerary to our guests and to art lovers.
Banca Generali has been combining for years its commitment to savings management for families with the protection of the territory and culture. The awareness of our social responsibility takes also the shape of our support and enhancement of the excellences of this country, among which art has always had a privileged role. In particular, in this respect the contribution of Banca Generali often goes beyond the selection of sensational or communicative events; rather, it becomes a research project that can prompt new ideas and innovative thinking.
We wish to thank the antiquarian Giorgio Baratti (Giorgio Baratti Antiques) for his invaluable support and assistance in the organization of the exhibition and for tracing, with his magnificent paintings from the past, a wonderful connection centred around color; the gallerist Stefano Contini (Contini Art Gallery) for his advice and works, and the curator Elisabetta Longari whose extraordinary prose reveals the intimate nature of the exhibition and sets its features. Finally, our warmest thanks go to Mario Arlati and to the people assisting him in organizing the event, for the passion and commitment with which they accompanied us through an exposure that enriches, above all, the dialog with our emotions”.

Piermario Motta

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